Zuhur Restaurant

Zuhur Restaurant in Edmonton has the best authentic food in the city.
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Main Course

Popular Dishes

  • Xanid (Lamb Shank) $19

    Marinated lamb shank with rice and pasta.

  • Goat $19

    Grilled goat meat served with rice and pasta.

  • BBQ Chicken $18

    Combination of BBQ drumsticks and thigh with rice and pasta.

  • Chicken Steak $21

    Grilled chicken breast with rice and pasta.

  • Chicken Suqaar $18

    Homemade buttermilk biscuits, sweet potato biscuits and cornbread. Served with homemade peach-pepper jelly and apple butter

  • Sweet Chicken $18

    Somalian sweet chilli chicken served with rice and pasta.

  • Beef Steak $18

    Grilled beef steak served with rice and pasta.

  • Beef Suqaar $18

    Beef stew mixed with fresh vegetables and served with rice, pasta, and chapati.

  • King Fish $18

    Deep-fried breaded boneless fish served with rice and pasta.

  • Beef KK $18

    Chapati mixed into a soup broth, beef suqaar, and fresh vegetables.

  • Sweet Chicken Wrap $13.99

    Sweet chicken wrapped in chapati.

Desserts & Beverages


  • Cheese Cake $3.75

    Classic style cheescake

  • Beef Sambusa $2.75
  • Mango Shake $5


  • Mirinda Orange Soda $2

    Classic style cheescake

  • Barbican $3
  • Cappuccino $2.5

Zuhur Restaurant Edmonton

Zuhur Restaurant takes you on a delicious experience with their traditional East African dishes.
Check out dishes customers won’t stop raving about like the Sabaayad Bread and Chicken Sugar, the Chicken Wrap, and the Mukhbasa and Fish!
  • Authentic East African Dishes
  • Warm and Welcoming environment
  • Easy parking near downtown